Quiet Day

Encouraged by our Minister, Rev Betty Trinder, we held a Quiet Day on March 12th, based on the four days leading up to Easter Day.

Four areas were created within the Chapel, representing Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Low Saturday and Easter Sunday, which can be seen on the photos. Each area had something symbolic to represent the meaning of the day, as well as a bible reading and some other written inspiration. The brightness of the Easter area brought home the glory of the resurrection of Jesus and the new life that this offers to all.

For those who wanted a quiet chat or something to eat, the adjoining room was set out with tables and chairs.

In the centre was a table with ‘things to do’, such as a jigsaw puzzle, writing and colouring materials and a lot of sweets!

This was the first time we’d done this here, and we were pleased to have about 16 people attending during the day. Several commented on how they had benefited from the quiet time they shared with us.

We hope to hold another day like this one soon, with a different theme. Sometimes it’s good to be quiet for a while, to forget all the noise and distraction outside, and take some time to contemplate our spiritual sides.